Charterers Product Offering

Contract and fixing platform for shipping

Our platform for fixing vessels is built by charterers, for charterers. We enable the charterers to comply with internal procurement policies while maintaining the flexibility and speed to get the right vessel at the right time.

Execute on your procurement policy by standardizing vendor qualification, consolidate vendors/tail spend, standardize procurement and approval process, document competitive market environment, comply with sharpened compliance requirements.

Our platform enables sustainable choices by making comparable vessel specifications available. Get full overview, and make your decisions based on technical, commercial and sustainability criteria. Monitor sustainability performance and generate comprehensive data exports for your ESG reporting.

Spot Chartering screenshot 1

The charterer connects to its specific brokers and owners.

Smoothly execute your Spot fixtures and COA nomination.

Company specific
- vessel evaluation
- questionnaire
- documentation checklists
- Charter party

Chartering Overview

Get a complete overview of all your chartering activity.

Monitor contractual voyage information like cost exposure and COA usage.

Connect to internal ERP systems with data and reporting.

Emission Collection 1

Upon completion of a voyage the charterer is provided with the information necessary to take action on its emissions.

The data is connected neatly onto the charterers' voyages for further analysis and reporting.

Owners can connect through our partner network consisting of over 30 000 vessels now!

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