Reflecting and Reinventing: VesselAdmin becomes Vanora

Reflecting and reinventing

As we are continuously looking to reinvent and improve the vessel procurement process, we have evolved into a service far beyond vessel administration.

In order to reflect our big move into the renewables market and a greater focus on sustainable vessels, we are proud to announce that VesselAdmin has undergone a complete rebranding and transitioned into Vanora. We are growing and moving into new markets, the name meaning ‘White Wave’, represents our fast, clean push forward. In 2020 we were the first to integrate green scoring as part of the bid evaluation process. Now Vanora brings a new revolutionary function allowing users to make climate compensation a part of the procurement service. Carbon offsets can be acquired through the Vanora platform offering the possibility of completely carbon neutral vessel chartering. Adding this function will make the seamless source-to-pay platform even more simple, effective and transparent which are the building blocks of our mission. Users of our platform speed up their vessel procurement process by 90%.

VesselAdmin spent years building a comprehensive successful procurement platform, Vanora will take it to the next level.