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What's wrong with chartering?

The Vesseladmin team consist of seasoned offshore professionals with vast industry experience and expertise from all sides involved in today’s traditional chartering process.

The common desire among them to alter this manual, inefficient, repetitive, complicated and highly time-consuming process for charterers, brokers, vessels owners led to the creation of Vesseladmin.

Removing the hassle

By creating a fully digitized chartering platform the solution would integrate a real-time marketplace with a fully compliant procurement tool which automatically keeps track of all vessel documentation.

All offers are obtained and gathered at one place in the same format and with the same remarkable amount of vessel data. Not only would this save precious time and resources, but it would also ensure best-in-class transparency and compliance for anyone using the tool.

Advancing sustainability

As the current unstructured manual chartering process is riddled with shortcomings and potential critical pitfalls this is especially obvious when attempting to compare and evaluate vessels and vessels owners on their sustainability efforts. The industry’s increasing concerns with environmental impact has gained momentum and the existing chartering process is not designed to address these concerns.

Vesseladmin saw that by embedding objective, measurable sustainability criteria into the chartering process, we could gain a higher purpose; we could contribute in the ongoing attempts to make this industry greener and more sustainable.

The next-generation chartering

Our digital chartering portal VesselAdmin saw the day in December 2018, and is already helping numerous offshore players improve efficiency, compliance and sustainability. We pledge to bring change to our industry, offering customers a single entry point to a greener, more responsible ocean mobility. Now, our journey begins.

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